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(kr) 웹에서 이메일 확인하는 방법 from Yun Design on Vimeo.

(kr) https://webmail.au.syrahost.com 클릭 후 내 유저네임과 파스워드를 치시면 됩니다.

Webmail Email Access

Webmail allows you to check your email from within your browser, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Chrome. Webmail requires no configuration settings. You can simply log into Webmail and check your email from anywhere and anytime. The tutorial link below will guide you how to login to Webmail.


(Kr)아래는 이메일 본인 컴퓨터나 모바폰에 셋업하는 방법입니다.

사양에 따라 클릭하신 후 이미지 순서대로 따라하시면 아주 쉽답니다.  만약 문제가 있으신 경우에는 crazy domain (1300 210 210)에 전화하시면 쉽게 문제를 해결하실 수 있습니다.


Desktop Email Access

Most popular email clients that most users are familiar with include Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail. You can use any mail program you want to connect to our servers. The tutorialsbelow will guide you setting up your email client.



Quick Email Settings

You will need these settings to configure your email client. Each client will have different layouts, this is the basic set of information that any email client will need.

Incoming Server mail.YourDomain.com
Outgoing Server mail.YourDomain.com
Username Your full e-mail address
Password Your e-mail account password
Incoming Port POP3 110 or IMAP 143
Outgoing Mail server (SMTP) Port 587
SMTP Authentication Required
Secure Authentication or SPA Needs to be turned off

Mobile Email Access

You can configure your mobile phone, notepad or any mobile device to connect to your email. The tutorial links below will guide you setting up email on some common mobile devices.